Key-finding algorithm
A description of the Krumhansl-Schmuckler key-finding algorithm, an algorithm that can assign an appropriate major or minor key to music data consisting of note pitch and duration information.

OrgMaker Notes
Various measurements and examinations of the sounds made by OrgMaker, a program for making ORG format music as used in the game Cave Story.

Casio Barcode Music Score Format
The format of the music score barcodes used with some Casio keyboards with a barcode reader.

TV Guide On Screen fake channel numbers
How the Dish Network DTVPal and TR-40 CRA digital-to-analog converter boxes use fake channel numbers in the TV Guide On Screen mode.

Finding the center of projection of a perspective projection
A method to find the distance between the center of projection and the image plane in a perspective projection.

Yamaha PSR-225 Bulk Dump Format
The format and content of the bulk dump system exclusive messages sent by a Yamaha PSR-225 keyboard.

How MP3 CD players number the folders on an MP3 CD
A description of the order that MP3 CD players will search a disc for MP3s and how they number the folders.

Sonic Adventure Save File Format
The format of the save file used by the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure.

Articles on Bavi_H's Blog

Here are some articles on my blog, Bavi_H's Blog.

Notepad bug: Saving with word wrap on inserts CR CR LF characters in the display window
Description of a bug in Notepad that inserts CR CR LF characters at wrap points in the display window.

Lottery math with four-function calculator
How to calculate the number of ways to match every possible number of balls in a lottery, using pencil, paper, and a basic four-function calculator.

How high should you hang a mirror...?
How high you should hang a mirror so that the angles of the left over space above and below your reflection in the mirror are equal.

Alternative piano keyboard layout
Short description of the Janko piano keyboard layout (also referred to as a uniform keyboard or a wholetone keyboard).

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