ORGMID - ORG to MIDI converter

ORGMID converts ORG format music (used in the game Cave Story) to MIDI format.


ORGMID is a command line program.* Call it with the name of an ORG file to read and the name of a MID file to create:

orgmid out.mid

ORGMID doesn't choose melodic MIDI instruments for you. All the melody instruments in the MIDI file are set to an organ sound. You should use a MIDI editing program to choose appropriate sounding MIDI instruments for each melodic part.

* For an alternative ORG to MIDI converter that uses a point and click interface, see the bottom of this page.

Source Code and Conversion Notes

Download source code:

ORGMID notes
Notes about converting ORG format music to MIDI format as implemented by ORGMID.

OrgMaker Notes
Various measurements and examinations of the sounds made by OrgMaker, the program for making ORG format music as used in the game Cave Story.

Key-finding algorithm
A description of the Krumhansl-Schmuckler key-finding algorithm, an algorithm that can assign an appropriate major or minor key to music data consisting of note pitch and duration information.

Alternative Converter

OrgMaker 2.1.0 and higher has a MIDI Export command in the File menu. Since it's part of a Windows application, you may find it easier to use than my ORGMID command line program.

Japanese: オルガーニャ2.
English: Cave Story Tribute Site - Music Tools or

OrgMaker uses different MIDI conversion methods than ORGMID. For example, OrgMaker only uses the initial volume of a note in the conversion process. However, OrgMaker lets you choose the number of repeats to export which ORGMID doesn't do. You can read more about OrgMaker's MIDI conversion methods in its Help menu.

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