Internet Explorer Context Menu Items

This page is deprecated. It may be removed in the future.

Here are various helpful commands you can add to your Internet Explorer right-click menu.

Download manual install files:

Open in Wayback Machine

Lets you find archived copies of a link or the current page in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Open Google Cached Text

Goes straight to the text-only copy of a page or link in Google's cache.

Decode MySpace Links

Decodes the special links on MySpace profiles.

MySpace currently encodes all links on a profile using a special address with a code on the end. MySpace uses this method to block certain links.

View Text

Shows a plain text view of the current page without any formatting or links.

Open Image

Lets you open an image from the current page in a new window by itself.

Open Google Image Result

Lets you go directly to the image file from a Google Image search results page.

To use:

  1. Go to and search for an image.
  2. On the search results page, right click one of the search result images and select Open Google Image Result. The image result is opened in a new window by itself.

Open MySpace Image

Lets you go directly to the large version of a MySpace user's image.

Delete Selection

Lets you delete a portion of the current page from view. Useful if there's an annoying or oversized item that is messing up the rest of the page.

Note: The Delete command requires the highlighted selection to be "balanced." For example, if the selection starts outside of a table and ends inside of the table, Delete will have no effect.

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Robert Hart
Revised July 4, 2009