Message Displayer

This page is deprecated. It may be removed in the future.

This program displays a little box with a message you choose. It is shown near the taskbar clock for seven seconds in a small, Always On Top window. This will allow you to see messages without interrupting your current input focus.

Message Displayer is meant to be used in other programs to display status messages. You control what message is displayed by passing the message over the command line arguments to the program. To start a new line in the message use ~~.



Message Displayer is a single stand-alone program. Simply put message.exe wherever you want and remember its location.

If you ever want to remove Message Displayer, simply delete message.exe from the location you installed it to.

Examples of use

message.exe Hi mom!

message.exe Line one~~Line two

Using with Winamp and the AMIP plugin

If you have Winamp with the AMIP plugin installed, you can use Message Displayer to display information about the song that Winamp is playing. For example, the following AMIP output string will use Message Displayer to output the Title, Artist, and Album fields of the current song


where path is the location you installed the program.

Note: In AMIP, the tilde has a special meaning so you must use four tildes in order to output two tildes to the command line.


Winamp media player
A popular audio player for Windows with many skins and plugins avaliable.

AMIP - "now playing" plugin for Winamp
A Winamp plugin that can insert the name of the playing track into your chat window. Can also be used to paste or integrate track data into other programs.

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