Paste Prefix

This alias program lets you paste text from the clipboard in different ways by letting you put a command in front of every line.

For example, say you have copied something to the clipboard, and instead of pasting it as plain text, you want it to appear in a different color. Using this alias, you can accomplish this by typing
   /paste say K12
(where K represents Ctrl+K).

Also, if any line of text you paste begins with a slash character ("/"), then that line will be executed as a command instead of pasted. This can be a useful way of interpreting a sequence of commands by copying and "pasting" them.

Download Paste Prefix:

Examples of use

/paste            interpret the commands on the clipboard.
/paste me         paste lines with the action prefix.
/paste say K1,12  paste white text on a blue background.
/paste msg Steve  paste a message to Steve.

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Robert Hart
Apr. 5, 2001