Show All Digits

To maximize accuracy, the TI-82, and many calculators, store internally more digits than they display. In some cases, the extra digits round to a more accurate answer. In other cases, the extra undisplayed digits may be accurate themselves. This program will let you see all fourteen digits of the current Ans variable.

How to use the program

[Show All Digits output]

Simply perform calculations as normal then run the program. The current Ans variable will be displayed in its normal form and in a long form for comparison. In most cases more digits (up to fourteen total) will be shown.

Usefulness of the program

The usefulness of the four extra digits is trivial in most calculations. The 14th digit may or may not be rounded, and therefore, it's probably best to just use the normal display for calculations. However, it is interesting to be able to see the "hidden" digits the calculator stores.

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Robert Hart
Apr. 5, 2001