Winamp Customizations

This page is deprecated. It may be removed in the future.

I've designed a skin, a visualization, and some helper programs for the audio player Winamp.


Winamp skin "Gray"
A simple gray skin.
Preview. Download:
(Version 2, 2007-11-10. Version history)

[Winamp skin "Gray" thumbnail]

Winamp visualization "Rainbow Amplitude"
An amplitude graph that fades through the colors of the rainbow.
Preview. Download:
To install, put file "Rainbow Amplitude.avs" in "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\avs\".

[Winamp vizualization "Rainbow Amplitude" thumbnail]

Helper Programs

Open Related Text
A helper program for Winamp that opens text related to the current track. (Requires the AMIP plugin.)

Message Displayer
Displays notification messages. Can be used to display information about the current track (using the AMIP plugin).

Useful Plugins

Here are some Winamp plugins that I use.

AMIP - "now playing" plugin for Winamp
A Winamp plugin that can insert the name of the playing track into your chat window. Can also be used to paste or integrate track data into other programs. I use this plugin to send track information to my helper programs.

PaceMaker plugin for Winamp
Speed up or slow down the audio without changing the pitch. Change the pitch of the audio without changing the speed.

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Robert Hart
Updated Nov. 10, 2007